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Why Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is an essential precondition for safe, efficient, effective and uninterrupted operation of any equipment or installation.

The lack of the flawed implementation, and poor scheduling of preventive maintenance, leading to an increase in idle time, reducing the average lifetime and use of facilities – equipment, reduce reliability and increase maintenance costs.

Instead, the proper application of the preventive maintenance program increases equipment reliability and user confidence in them, improves the quality operation and performance, limiting the size of the maintenance costs.

The preventive maintenance process includes periodic maintenance and replace parts and components of equipment, with a view to ensuring the uninterrupted – correct operation and also reduce the chances of damage.

The protocols and preventive maintenance frequency based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, in internationally recognized standards, the average service life of each equipment and the rules of ordinary technical and scientific practice.

What applies to Security – Fire Systems?

In conjunction with predictions of manufacturers, European standards (EN: European Norms) determines the optimal procedures and maintenance intervals.

Among the predictions for Security Systems of average rating (grade-) 2 and 3, the maintenance requires two (2) visits per year, or one (1) on the site and one (1) remote.

In addition, for grade-2 systems except of the local alarm, is mandatory the connection to ARC and for grade-3 is mandatory to reserve communication with GSM / GPRS.

A similar standard for Fire Alarm Systems is the EN54-part14, provided maintenance by a qualified technician at intervals every 4 months (3 three times a partial and universal). National law requires the maintenance of Fire Alarm – Extinguishing Systems with the obligation to sign annually a special registry / maintenance logs, by a qualified technician.

What must have a specialized Maintainer?

The “credentials” of an authorized Installer- Maintainer, necessarily include:

  • Sufficient training on equipment, combined with the presentation of certificates from the manufacturer for attendance in relevant seminars.
  • Sufficient experience in material, production maintenance contracts or certificates of good execution of projects to the specific material.
  • Sufficient spare parts support for at least 10 years (requirement Law Public Procurement P.D.118), certified by import tariffs of material – spare parts, or equivalent statements of the manufacturing company.
  • Ensure that Maintenance Company has authorization from the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, for providing security services and also that the whole technical staff have the corresponding work permit Personnel Security in private security firms (N. 2518 / 1997 and MD 8516/8/16-Article 1, paragraph 10).

What is the “Contract of Technical Support”?

The Contract of Technical Support and Maintenance Systems is a commitment of the company that provides technical support to the Company buys and makes use of its services for:

  • immediate response in case of trouble (depending on the type of Contract)
  • screening systems
  • priority and unlimited phone support
  • consultancy services on technology issues
  • staff training
  • meetings at regular intervals and delivery reports (statistics, upgrade recommendations – replacement)

ZARIFOPOULOS SA Security Systems Maintenance tailored to your needs!

The Greek Company ZARIFOPOULOS SA has options (packages) maintenance – standard and by category of equipment / installation, configurable based on your specific needs without ‘hidden’ costs and the most economical – flexible Technical Support program.

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