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ZARIFOPOULOS SA it is a leader in dissemination of Safety systems since 1972, holding a leading role in Greek market.

Our systems incorporate all the new technologies, covering every kind of technical and functional specifications. They include basic conventional cabling systems, the most sophisticated addressable systems that support large network facilities and of course, wireless systems for the most demanding applications.

Honeywell Security, formerly known as Ademco – the leading manufacturer of systems and regional security materials globally – and the Italian INIM, represented and supported in the Greek market by ZARIFOPOULOS SA. The long and successful cooperation of our Company with these two manufacturers enables us to offer unique product suggestions and subsidized contributory benefits to our Partners and Customers.

The products of these firms include panels such us VISTA, GALAXY and Smart Living, based in technology of microprocessors and have remote access via communication networks as well as full control from Central Monitoring Station, addressable and conventional detectors passive infrared detectors and dual, magnetic contacts, break detectors and sound beams active infrared, etc. All the above materials incorporate the latest technology and international certifications, providing high reliability and efficiency in their work.

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