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ZARIFOPOULOS SA, with 43 years of leading presence in the Security Market of SE Europe, ensures absolute safety of your property and your loved ones.

From a simple alarm, to a complete security system with cameras connected to the 24-hour Central Monitoring Center, and even manned guarding, ZARIFOPOULOS guarantees your safety, as it makes it successful for so many years for 13,500 retail customers.

Because, only ZARIFOPOULOS, with long experience in professional and highly demanding Industrial-Warehouse Facility Security systems, banks, organizations, businesses, museums and other special sites, has a thorough knowledge of the needs of each facility offering optimal security solution for all areas .

With specialized staff of 215 people, 10 Branches throughout Greece, Presence in 3 countries in the region (Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria) and Products-Services specifically designed for even the most “difficult” Private Spaces (Z HOME), ZARIFOPOULOS Company is able to meet all your security needs.

Additionally ZARIFOPOULOS SA offers a complete range of products on the fields of Fire (subsidiary Acon), Access Control and Building Energy Management (BEMS), for your own home or other residence – storage facilities.

Meet the Leader in Residential and Professional Safety and Control Systems and enjoy 100% security!

Save time and money for your company, through experience and consistency of ZARIFOPOULOS SA also in the field of electronic equipment service.
Z Service is a complete service located in a specially designed area inside Company’s facilities and is staffed with specialized personnel with knowledge and wide experience in all electronic systems.


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