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Zarifopoulos SA from the first year of its establishment in 1972, even without organized structures of Social offer, incorporated in the “Corporate Culture” of the habits and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility pioneering for their time, like the weekly doctor’s visit.

Today, covering the fifth decade of the course in the Greek Market, the Company Zarifopoulos, has contributed actively to the development of the Security Sector and Control in Greece by supporting the Labour Market and the Greek Economy and Society in general, with respect to the People and Values who helped todays image of the company.

Zarifopoulos SA the past decade has contributed with employer contributions, VAT, income and property taxes in the state, with more than 36.1 million Euros.

The overall social contribution, described as follows, according to data of the year 2014:

A. In the Greek Economy and Society

  • € 3.600.000 a year in Tax and Employer Contributions
  • € 7.500.000 a year in attracting Greek Companies Collaborating Subcontractors
  • 180 different specialties stable jobs
  • 580 indirect jobs through Partnerships
  • 12 jobs under fixed-term contracts to unemployed youth and students
  • 1100 hours of training in technical subjects 220 industry professionals

B. In the Enterprise and Employees

  • € 4.500.000 in monthly salaries a year, without any delay
  • € 150.000 in training for all staff, with various kinds of courses lasting 650 teaching hours
  • Visit once a week in the physician’s medical company
  • € 30.000 in special aid workers with health problems / life
  • Full compliance with the principles of modern business operations, such as certifications, Excellence, Corporate Governance, etc.

C. The Environment

  • Recycling 8,300 different types of security devices (cameras, recorders, paintings, etc.), total weight of 5,900 kg
  • Recycling 450 kilograms and other consumable office supplies (ink cartridges, batteries, power supplies, etc.)
  • Special briefing to all staff and establishing smoke in workplaces
  • Special points deposition recycled consumables in each workplace
  • Remove the paper billing at all levels from 1 June 2015. Objective: The overall paper reduction to the company at 15,000 sheets A4
Above all, we contribute to the safety of the property and achievements of all Greeks through avert of at least 2,500 * Security theft or adverse of event cases each year in 55,000 installations of Security and Control systems available.

*Findings of the Department of Research & Statistics of Zarifopoulos SA for 2014

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