Human Resources

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Our People are our strength. They make our vision true and build our future. With faith in our people we invest in the success of our projects and we are strengthening our market position.

With fully aware of the importance of human resources for us, that offer value to the business and contribute to the credibility and effectiveness of our goals, we are treating them as a source of creation and evolution of our organization.

The use of technology has spread widely, but do not underestimate the importance of man in construction and handling hardware and software, and in making critical decisions about the performance.

Our staff is composed of three main departments and management, all trained in new media and data continuously to develop their skills and talents lifelong.

Research Department, Sales

Staffed with 33 Engineer and Safety Directors, aims at developing techno-economic studies for the projects of the Company.

Technical Support

Staffed with 88 electronic engineers, with the objective of installation, delivery in operation, training, maintenance and the provision of emergency services on-call 24 hours a day.

Department of Accounting – Warehouse

Staffed by a total of 27 people.

Management – Secretariat

Staffed with 28 people.

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