Fire Fighting

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ZARIFOPOULOS SA has a leading position in the field of Firefighting, for many years now in the Greek market.

Long-lasting partnerships with major international firms and corporations worldwide, ensuring the ability to offer products and services in this area, responding to every need, regardless of the circumstances – peculiarities and difficulties of installing and operating firefighting systems and extinguishing units.

The company represents Houses Hygood, Ansul and LPG of Tyco, ABS and Kidde, some of the largest in the supply of fire extinguishing systems with pressurized gases and chemicals.

Hygood provides full line of fire protection products, designed and manufactured to meet the demanding needs of the fire protection sector. Standard FM-200, NOVEC, INERGEN and CO2 extinguishing systems and also the foam solutions, extinguishers and stations, complete the range of company products.

Kidde, with over 80 years of experience in the fire protection industry, is one of the largest companies in the area, specializing in ARGONITE inert gas systems to protect huge number of installations worldwide.

Ansul markets a range of products of wet chemical systems for kitchens and vehicles, and foam extinguishing systems.

Tyco Building Services Products Division, offers a wide range of fire protection products such as all types of sprinklers (sprinklers), and alarm valves, types of wet, dry, deluge and preaction.

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