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The Greek Company ZARIFOPOULOS SA founded in 1972 with main goal the design, import, supply, installation and maintenance of the following systems:

  • Security against theft and robbery
  • Fire Alarm and Detection of explosives and toxic gases
  • Extinguishing and Fire
  • CCTV and Picture Transfer and Telemetry
  • Access Control and Timing of attendance
  • Building Energy Management Systems

ZARIFOPOULOS, covering the 5th decade of success, in Greek market and not only, holds the first position in Market Share, asset levels and number of employees, in the field of electronic protection and control systems (Data ICAP 2014 & 2015), in addition it has been nominated by the Stat Bank – based on multiple evaluation indicators – as one of the Enterprises «Diamonds of the Greek Economy» for 2014.

The company has partnerships with the largest companies of major sectors of the Greek economy, such as banking, construction, retail chains and Supermarket, etc., having undertaken and successfully deliver a high number of special and also demanding projects, unique in Greece. At the same time, the Security and Control services offered across the range of broader public sector (ministries, agencies, archaeological sites, museums, airports, etc.), certifying its leading role in the Greek Market.

The extremely high index of duration and consistency of these collaborations, seals the Trust in the name-services of ZARIFOPOULOS SA. Trust based on highly trained scientific and technical personnel, which has a high level of knowledge and experience, but also a deep sense of responsibility and devotion to corporate goals. Trust also has “built” and repeatedly rewarded by many years of cooperation with the biggest global sector companies, such as Honeywell, Norbain and Tyco.

The Company has ten (10) branches throughout Greece and is certified with the Quality Assurance System EN ISO9001: 2008 and the International Certification Organization TUV HELLAS. ZARIFOPOULOS SA is a member of a group providing integrated services and solutions for Security and Control, which includes the following Companies, starring in their field:

  • ZARIFOPOULOS S.A. (Security and control services)
  • ACON (Fire Extinguish systems))
  • Greek Central Station (Central monitoring station)
  • Brinks Aviation Security Services

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