Compliance with Standards

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Compliance with safety and general standards to achieve and maintain the regulatory requirements is the cornerstone to security policies.

The conformity requirements, legislation and the broader regulatory framework are codifying good practice that the authorities concluded, expressing the consensus needed between those who make laws and those who implement.

Our company consistently follow the rules in line with the standards organizations and conforms to world and European standards and Greek legislation.

Compliance with Standards

  • Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT)
  • International Standardisation Organisations BS, ISO, UL, FM
  • Regulations internal electrical installations, VA 80 225 / GG B 59 / 04.11.55
  • Existing Fire Provisions
  • Regulations Fire Protection of Buildings, PD 71 / GG 32 A / 02.17.88
  • European Regulations Fire Protection EN
  • US Regulations Fire, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Regulation approving the design, construction, inspection and maintenance of telecommunication networks construction, Government Gazette 269 / 04.08.71
  • About general building code, SW 8 / Government Gazette 124 / 06.09.73
  • Fire alarm and alarm transmission systems Construction and operation DIN 14675



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