Your Central Monitoring Center

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Complete your safety

The installation and placement of a security system in your area, is converted 100% into a way of preventing any breach, only by connecting the system to a trustworthy Alarm Receiving Centre. The ARC is the one that constantly monitors your system to operate properly and inform the competent authorities, you and your loved ones, in every emergency.

Safety of functions and facilities, Responsibility and Accountability, Innovation, Cooperation and Solidarity, Honesty and Transparency, Flexible solutions, Faith in defined rules, Commitment to Efficiency and smart Adaptation.
The Development of the company with morals and values in partnership with our People, the Environment and Society. Creating value for Customers, Partners, Employees and our Shareholders. Goal to expand and consolidate our Leading position in the security industry as the dominant Greek Group of Security & Control Services in SE Europe.
ZARIFOPOULOS mission is to offer superior Products and Services in the field of Security, providing Safety and Protection to the Greek society, improving our quality of life.

Sophisticated technology

ZARIFOPOULOS SA has a sophisticated Alarm Receiving Centre, the Greek Central Station SA, which maintains high standards of operation, latest technology and the highest efficiency of preventing adverse events.

Continuous monitoring

Additionally, with 24 hour surveillance, 365 days a year from the ARC Centre of ZARIFOPOULOS, you are able to verify any incident (through image-video recording) and real time incident prevention (through innovative service VerifiQation).

Reliability and Trust

Alarm Receiving Centre services – Group company ZARIFOPOULOS – demonstrate daily their reliability, offering over 20 years, trust and 100% safety in more than 22,000 subscribers.


Essential tool for every professional

It is not by chance the preference of a large number Installers Security systems in the Greek Central Station of ZARIFOPOULOS, since among other things, the automatic send news service and direct access to on-line information in the ARC database, allow the total control security systems at any time, making connection an essential tool for every professional in the field of Security.

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