Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

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ZARIFOPOULOS SA in the field of closed circuits tv, which is the cutting edge of technological development in the field of security systems with constant challenges and continuous upgrading and improvement requirements, represents – with a long and special relationship – the Honeywell Security Companies (formerly Ademco Video), Norbain Security , Nice Video Security and TeleEye

Honeywell Security video systems, operates in the field of digital systems CCTV with a series of products which includes over conventional materials, equipment for specialized applications such as verification and certification systems of transactions, license plate recognition systems, metering people through CCTV, digital recording and reproducing systems – video, etc.

Norbain is the exclusive distributor of VISTA products, the largest sales company of CCTV systems in the UK and also the authorized representative – distributor for the products of Dedicated Micros, American Dynamics, Pelco, Sony, Arecont Vision, Samsung Techwin, Vivotek, etc.

The products of TeleEye company allows remote control and management of CCTV facilities from anywhere, via telephone lines PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, network TCP / IP (LAN, WAN, Internet) or wireless networks.

Our knowledge and long experience combined with the most technologically reliable and globally available products, guarantee solutions tailored to individual needs, even in the most demanding specifications.

Such demanding applications of CCTV of very wide scale appears in the Banking Sector. ZARIFOPOULOS SA is credited for more than 2,600 system installations in Greek banks, making it the leader in this area of the market.

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