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ZARIFOPOULOS SA, through 43 years of being a leading player in the Greek market and beyond, has rightfully gained the role of the Leader and the designation of the Specialist in Occupational Safety & Control Systems.

That means for you and your Business, 100% Safety of Products-Services by ZARIFOPOULOS. Tech products from world famous Enterprises of the field (eg Honeywell, INIM), certified and Tested for the Greek market and also services specifically studied and designed for the particularities of the Greek business world.

We at ZARIFOPOULOS not simply issue security solutions, fire safety & Control for Greek Enterprises, but “build” years of credibility and trust partnerships assessed daily from the services provided by our professional staff, to over 1200 Business in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

From a single alarm system for your Company-Shop, until integrated Security, Fire Safety, Control and Energy Management Systems at 670 branches of Greek banks and a unique Fire System installation at about 24 tunnels of the Egnatia Road or the “Metro Subway” We give the same exact Value to our Customers: Safety, Performance and orderly function valuable in their business.

Meet ZARIFOPOULOS Added Value for Your Company and enjoy the unique benefits of the Specialist in Commercial Security Systems.

Turn wasted energy into profit. Energy Box was designed, developed and marketed exclusively by ZARIFOPOULOS.
A complete system for monitoring, recording and management of electricity, which in combination with the software platform Watch Tower, is a powerful tool for energy savings in any installation professional or private nature.

VerifiQation is an ideal solution where there is a need for Security of areas and event management. It saves a lot of money from the cost of safekeeping. This service is signed by ZARIFOPOULOS.
A system of Visual Confirmation Incident and Direct repression that combines the functions of an alarm system, CCTV, Access Control, etc., to work together in such a way as to “communicate” and even in real time.


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