Systems for central control and energy management for buildings

Systems for central control and energy management for buildings 2016-11-04T19:07:19+00:00

BEMS by Ζarifopoulos

The central equipment control and the energy management, now form a vital need in the effort of the modern enterprise or company to reduce energy costs at its facilities. This need requires proper operation, full control and flexible solutions that only a specialized company with knowledge and experience on this field, can offer.

The Greek Company ZARIFOPOULOS SA, has extensive and proven experience in the design, supply, installation and central control system maintenance of BEMS, with a large number of installed systems in various industries Enterprises. The experienced and highly qualified staff, along with the many years of cooperation with the world leaders in the field of building automation (Honeywell, TREND Control), offer the most effective Energy Management & Control of Your Systems in combination with an environmentally friendly manner.

Best Energy Saving Solutions for each installation, with “tangible” results for your Business

ZARIFOPOULOS S.A. has developed adaptable solutions for any environment, covering a wide range of applications, both for small and medium-sized facilities such as offices, shops, banks and homes as well as for applications on large or very large scale such as factories, warehouses, public works and special structures (eg tunnels).

The BEMS solutions by ZARIFOPOULOS, save energy between 10-30% on an annual basis in most of the applications in which they are installed.

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